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Why you need Kaspersky for Android

With nearly 2.5 billion users worldwide, Android smartphones and tablets are regularly targeted by hackers, identity thieves, and other cyber criminals.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Android contains essential tools that help keep mobile devices safe from a growing number of sophisticated online threats.

Every quarter, Kaspersky blocks and protects against more than 5.6 million mobile malware, adware, and riskware attacks that can compromise Android devices.

*The data is taken from Securelist’s report ‘The development of information threats in the third quarter of 2022. Mobile Statistics’

74% of Android users are concerned about financial cyberthreats, online account hacking and identity theft.

Data is taken from Kaspersky Mobile Users Research, 2022 with 4821 respondents in 9 countries.

Superior online defense for Android devices

Kaspersky provides Android users all-in-one mobile protection that stands up to today’s toughest cyber threats.



Complete digital security built with world-class protection.

All plans



Optimization tools that keep your devices running efficiently.

All plans



Protects passwords, data, social media, and financial accounts.

Plus & Premium plans only



Locks down your identity and secures your most sensitive documents.

Premium plan only

Discover the power of Kaspersky Antivirus

More than antivirus: Ensure the security of your data, maximize your performance, and maintain absolute privacy.

Real-time Antivirus & Anti-Phishing
Prevents viruses, malware, and other threats while defending against dangerous websites, downloads and extensions. Plus protects your financial data when shopping online.
Plus & Premium plans only
Smart Home Monitor
Monitors your home Wi-Fi network 24/7, and lets you view a list of devices connected to it helping you guard against intruders.
Plus & Premium plans only
Unlimited, Superfast VPN
Enjoy industry-leading speed while browsing the internet with complete online privacy and freedom.
Plus & Premium plans only
Stalkerware Detection
Warns you if any of the apps on your Mac may be used to spy on you and track your activity.
Plus & Premium plans only
Identity Protection Wallet
Ensures no one takes advantage of your identity and keeps your personal documents safe.
Plus & Premium plans only
Data Leak Checker
Monitors the internet and dark web, letting you know if your personal data is compromised.
Plus & Premium plans only
Password Manager
Securely stores and syncs your passwords, credit card details and important docs across your Apple devices.
Plus & Premium plans only
Social Privacy
Helps to manage your personal privacy settings in social services, as Google and Facebook.
Plus & Premium plans only
Where Is My Device
Protects your data against unauthorized access and helps locate your device if it is lost or stolen.
Plus & Premium plans only